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Concrete Repair

Commercial and Industrial Concrete Repair

Are you looking for Concrete Crack Repair in Vancouver, BC?

Concrete Crack Repair is a complex process, presenting unique challenges that differ from those associated with new concrete building construction. The repair process must successfully integrate new materials with old materials, forming a composite and complementary system capable of enduring exposure to service loads, environment and time.

The importance of repairing a concrete surface has extraordinary benefits including and most importantly to:

  • Restore the structural function
  • Protect the concrete surface

The concrete surface damage can creep up on your building over the years and deeper non visual problems could be occurring. Our team at Retro Specialty Contractors will help in reviewing the issues you might be facing and recommending a plan for the protection and repair of your valuable investment and your buildings future.

Systems for concrete crack repair include:
— Cast In Place
— Formed Repairs
— Overlayment
— Resurfacing
— Shotcrete
— Epoxy Mortars

How we apply Concrete Repair
and Restoration

Take a look at some of the past Concrete Repair and Restoration projects completed by Retro Specialty Contractors.