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Grouting & Injection

Are you looking for Polyurethane Grouting or Epoxy Injection in Vancouver, BC?

Grouting & Injection are important components of the modern concrete construction industry.

Before attempting to restore a crack, it is critical to understand the cause of the crack. Is movement or settling, excess strain or weight load, or is degradation of the core material by water or environmental forces causing the damage?

If water is a particular concern for your facility, then Polyurethane Grouting is a technique you should consider. It works by cutting off water flow through concrete joints and cracks, or filling the voids beneath and between slabs and within the sub surfaces of walls. The water-impermeable grout is injected through a pre-drilled hole; and polyurethane injection is often used to provide waterproofing in large infrastructure projects like traffic tunnels and subterranean resource passages and facilities.

Cementitious Grouting is the process of packing engineered cement grouts in small places – either for structural repair or structural augmentation.

Epoxy injection is another economical method of repairing cracks in concrete structures, slabs, and concrete surfaces exposed to the elements – like piers, stanchions, and support pylons. Whether it is your primary office, manufacturing facility, refinery, parking structure, foundation, or other industrial placement, epoxy injection can help to stall and even reverse some of the damage incurred on your property.

Some of the main Grouting & Injection solutions that we offer are:
— Cementitious Grouting
— Chemical Grouting
— Polyurethane Grouting
— Epoxy Injection
— Polyurethane Injection

Projects for Leak Repairs by
Grouting & Injection

If you are considering a Leak Repair by Grouting & Injection Project within British Columbia, we can help.
  • Protect

  • Strengthen

  • Repair